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Eliminate manual entry and downloads. Receiptor AI automates the extraction and categorization of receipts and invoices directly from your inbox, transforming them into comprehensive reports or syncing them with other accounting systems—effortlessly.

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Make business purchases with confidence, knowing Receiptor AI diligently tracks and manages your receipts and invoices, freeing you from the burden of manual organization when you need them most.

Receipt Preview

Comprehensive Document Capture

Extracts and categorizes every invoice and receipt, from PDF attachments to embedded email transactions (e.g., PayPal, Uber, etc.).



Microsoft 365

Multi-Account Email Monitoring

Seamlessly integrates with any email account in the world, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.


Real-Time Expense Analytics

Instantly visualize business expenses with dynamic graphs and charts, offering insights far quicker than traditional accounting methods.

QuickBooks Online

Sync with Accounting Software

Receipts and invoices are auto-categorized, with all the details filled in and a PDF attached.

ZIP Export

Export in Multiple Formats

Easily export documents as individual PDFs in a ZIP, as a PDF reports, or in detailed CSV files.


The time-saver you've been waiting for.

Receiptor AI automatically extracts receipts and invoices from your email and organizes them for you. No more playing detective in your inbox, or trying to jog your memory about work purchases—Receiptor AI keeps it all in check for you.

Automatic Extraction

Receiptor AI identifies emails containing receipts, attached receipts, or links to receipts and extracts the information, saving you hours of manual searching.

Retroactive Email Analysis

Go back in time and analyze your entire email history with Receiptor AI. No more worrying about missed invoices or receipts from previous years—our tool can gather and organize them all.

Comprehensive Information

Receiptor AI extracts crucial receipt and invoice details such as purchase amounts, categories, dispute deadlines, and more.

Reports & Integrations

Easily export reports in CSV and PDF formats, simplifying your accounting and financial tracking processes. Receiptor AI also integrates with expense management systems like Xero, QuickBooks, and Expensify.

Multi-Language Support

Receiptor AI supports invoice and receipt extraction in multiple languages, making it a versatile tool for international businesses and non-English speaking users.

Intelligent Contextual Categorization

Receiptor AI understands the context, helping to automate transaction categorization based on actual purchase details, not just keywords. This adds another layer of precision to your financial tracking.

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Receiptor AI connects to your email inbox, automatically detecting and pulling out receipts and invoices. It's not reliant on manual action, making the process super cool and efficient. A novel approach that seems to streamline accounting like never before.

Jason Staats
Founder @ Realize & Podcast Host

Use Cases

Broad spectrum of applications

Leverage Receiptor.AI Across a Range of Industries for Efficient Receipt Management

  1. Academic Researchers

    Spend more time on research and less on admin by letting Receiptor AI track and categorize your grant-related expenses.

  2. Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

    Enhance your service offerings and client value proposition by integrating Receiptor AI's automated receipt extraction and management into your process.

  3. Digital Nomads

    Travel worry-free as Receiptor AI efficiently keeps track of your work-related expenses for tax purposes.

  4. E-commerce Operators

    Automate the extraction and categorization of invoices and receipts from your suppliers to streamline your bookkeeping and inventory management.

  5. Event Planners

    Simplify your bookkeeping process by automating the extraction of invoices and receipts from multiple vendors and suppliers.

  6. Freelancers and Contractors

    Effortlessly track your business expenses and tax deductions, making financial management a breeze.

  7. Non-Profit Organizations

    Streamline the management of donation receipts with Receiptor AI's automated extraction and categorization.

  8. Real Estate Investors

    Manage your property-related expenses efficiently by extracting and categorizing related receipts from your emails.

  9. SaaS Users

    Keep track of your multiple subscriptions by letting Receiptor AI identify and organize these recurring expenses.

  10. Travel Bloggers & Influencers

    Let Receiptor AI take care of gathering and organizing your numerous travel-related receipts, leaving you more time to focus on creating content.

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Embrace the convenience of Receiptor.AI and transform the way you manage receipts with our automated, fail-proof system.


Frequently asked questions

Does Receiptor AI automatically identify emails containing receipts?

Yes, Receiptor AI can identify emails containing receipts, attached receipts, or links to receipts and extract the information, saving you hours of manual searching.

Can Receiptor AI analyze my previous emails for receipts?

Absolutely! Receiptor AI can retroactively analyze your entire email history to identify and extract receipt information.

What kind of information does Receiptor AI extract from receipts?

Receiptor AI extracts crucial receipt details such as purchase amounts, categories, dispute deadlines, and more.

Can I export reports in PDF format?

Yes, you can easily export reports in PDF format with Receiptor AI, simplifying your accounting and financial tracking processes.

Does Receiptor AI help with tax preparation?

Yes, Receiptor AI allows you to instantly generate a spreadsheet with all your necessary financial information, reducing the chances of missed deductions and saving you time on tax preparation.

Who can benefit from using Receiptor AI?

Receiptor AI is designed to benefit a wide range of users, including individuals filing tax returns, small business owners, and accountants.

Does Receiptor AI save my emails in its database?

No, Receiptor AI does not save any message in our database. We only save message IDs to keep track of what message has been processed and which not.

Does Receiptor AI comply with Google's API Services User Data Policy?

Yes, Receiptor AI use of information received from Google APIs adheres to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Has Receiptor AI passed any security assessments?

Yes, Receiptor AI has successfully completed a Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) and has been validated by the App Defense Alliance (ADA). This assessment includes a review of application conformance with CASA recognized security frameworks, verification of automated security test (AST) application scan results, and conformation to non-functional CASA requirements. This means that Receiptor AI meets the CASA TIER 2 requirements, ensuring a high level of security for our users. You can learn more about CASA and its industry-recognized security standards on the CASA developer site.

Please note that the validation is valid from the issue date of 6/2/2023 until the expiration date of 6/2/2025.