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Accounting Automation with Xero and AI: Auto-Pull Receipts and Invoices from Emails


In the relentless pursuit of efficiency within the accounting and bookkeeping space, automation has always been the elusive goal. Enter Receiptor AI, a groundbreaking tool that makes automatic extraction of receipts and invoices from emails a reality. With its latest integration with Xero, the well-known accounting software, the entire process has become a breeze.

Seamless Integration with Xero

Xero Integration

The integration between Receiptor AI and Xero offers two incredibly powerful options that cater to different needs: retroactive analysis and real-time processing.

Retroactive Analysis

If you need to go back in time and analyze your entire email history for receipts and invoices, Receiptor AI is your go-to solution. Whether it's for the past financial year or a specific time frame, this tool can gather and organize all the documents, eliminating the worry about missed invoices or receipts.

Real-Time Processing

Receiptor AI's real-time processing connects directly to your email inbox, enabling immediate processing of receipts and invoices as soon as they arrive. This constant activity not only saves a significant amount of time but also enhances client perception. Accountants and bookkeepers leveraging this feature will impress their clients by appearing to be continually on top of their accounts.

Intelligent Categorization

Beyond extraction, Receiptor AI's integration with Xero brings an intelligent categorization system that understands the context of the documents, such as merchant names, services offered, or products purchased.

Xero Screenshot

Working with Multiple Organizations

This integration isn't just about individual use; Receiptor AI's seamless connection with Xero works effortlessly across multiple organizations. Each email account from which Xero extracts receipts and invoices can be linked to a different Xero organization, providing versatile functionality.


The integration of Receiptor AI with Xero is a monumental leap in the field of accounting automation. It simplifies a task once thought insurmountable, reducing manual labor to zero and enabling accurate, real-time processing.

In an era where AI is taking over tedious jobs, Receiptor AI stands as a testament to what's possible in the accounting world. Its seamless integration with Xero is just the beginning of a new age of efficiency and accuracy.

Romeo Bellon
By Romeo Bellon

Last update on August 08, 2023 · less than a minute read

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