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How do you spell Receipt?

How do you spell Receipt?

Romeo Bellon
By Romeo Bellon

Last update on March 31, 2024 · less than a minute read

The word "receipt" often poses a challenge in spelling, primarily due to its silent "p" and the sequence of "e" and "i" that defy the common spelling rule. However, with a brief exploration of its origin and a few strategic tips, spelling "receipt" can become intuitive.

Understanding the Origin

Originating from the Old North French word "receite" and stemming from the Latin "recepta," meaning "received," "receipt" entered the English language in the 14th century. The silent "p" was introduced to reflect its Latin roots, adding a unique element to its spelling.

Pronunciation Guide

"Receipt" is pronounced as /rɪˈsiːt/, where:

  • /rɪ/ sounds like the "ri" in "ribbon"
  • /ˈsiːt/ sounds like "seat," with a stress on this syllable

Tips for Spelling

  1. Silent "P": Remember the silent "p" by linking it to its Latin heritage. A silent letter is pivotal for correct spelling.
  2. Sequence of "E" and "I": Recall the sequence by splitting the word: "re" + "ceipt." This can help you remember the correct order.
  3. Mnemonic Device: Use a mnemonic like "In every receipt, 'i' before 'e,' including the silent 'p.'"
  4. Practice: Regular use in writing will solidify the spelling in your memory. Visual cues like highlighting the "p" can also reinforce recall.

Common Mistakes

  • Omitting the "P": It's silent but essential. Don't forget it.
  • Misordering "E" and "I": Despite the rule, "receipt" is an exception. The "e" comes before the "i."


With understanding and practice, spelling "receipt" correctly becomes straightforward. Keep these tips in mind, and you'll easily navigate this common stumbling block, enhancing both your spelling proficiency and communication clarity.

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