What deductions can I claim without receipts?


  • Tax Deductions Without Receipts: Possible for specific expenses under set amounts.
  • Eligible Expense Categories: Includes vehicle and travel, home office, laundry, and charitable donations.
  • Substantiation Requirement: Some claims may still need proof or explanation if queried.
  • Role of Receiptor AI: Automates extraction and management of receipts for easier tax substantiation.

When it comes to maximizing your tax returns, understanding what tax rebates or tax exemptions you're entitled to is crucial. In many cases, these tax deductions are substantiated by receipts. But what if you don't have one? What is deductible without receipts? This article will elucidate on tax credits and deductions you can claim without receipts and introduce you to Receiptor AI - a tool that ensures you never overlook any potential deductions.

Deductible expenses you can claim without receipts

In the tax world, a general rule of thumb is to keep all receipts that justify your claims. However, in situations where a receipt has been misplaced or never issued, some expenses can still be claimed as tax deductible. Here are a few:

  • Vehicle and Travel Expenses: If your total claim for travel expenses is less than $300, this amount is tax deductible without needing written evidence. You must, however, be prepared to explain your claim if asked by the tax office.
  • Home Office Expenses: If you're working from home and have a dedicated workspace, you can claim a tax deduction for the additional running costs without maintaining specific records. It's essential, though, to provide a reasonable basis for your claim.
  • Laundry and Uniform Expenses: If your total claim for work-related laundry expenses is less than $150 and your total work-related expenses are under $300, you won't need written evidence for these tax deductions.
  • Donations: If you've made donations of $2 or more to an approved charity, you can claim a tax deduction without a receipt as long as you have the necessary bank statements.

While you can claim the above deductions without receipts, remember that the tax department might still ask for some form of substantiation. The lack of a receipt doesn't exempt taxpayers from substantiating their claims. These rules can vary across countries, and there might be limits on the amounts you can claim.

Leveraging Receiptor AI: Never overlook a receipt again

While knowing which deductions you can claim without receipts is beneficial, keeping a thorough record of all your receipts can prove to be even more advantageous. That's where Receiptor AI comes in, ensuring you never overlook a potential tax credit or deduction due to a lost or forgotten receipt.

Receiptor AI is a state-of-the-art tool that automatically extracts receipts from your emails. This way, you maintain a comprehensive record of all your online transactions. Whether it's an online purchase, a subscription, or an invoice, Receiptor AI can identify, extract, and categorize it.

Beyond extraction, Receiptor AI integrates with your accounting system, simplifying your tax preparation process further. You can also export your receipts in CSV or PDF formats, easing the substantiation of your claims if the tax office ever requests it.


Knowing what deductions you can claim without receipts is critical for maximizing your tax returns. However, maintaining a comprehensive record of all your receipts makes the process even simpler. With Receiptor AI, you can have all your digital receipts in one place, ready for tax time. Don't let lost or misplaced receipts cost you during tax season.

Sign up for Receiptor AI today and gain control over your receipt management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tax deductions can I claim without receipts?

You can claim deductions without receipts for vehicle and travel expenses under $300, home office expenses based on a reasonable basis, laundry and uniform expenses under $150 (with total work-related expenses under $300), and charitable donations over $2 with bank statements as proof.

What if the tax department asks for substantiation of my claims?

While some deductions do not require receipts, the tax department may still request some form of substantiation. It's important to be prepared to provide evidence or a reasonable basis for your claims.

How does Receiptor AI help with tax deductions?

Receiptor AI automatically extracts and categorizes receipts from your emails, helping maintain a comprehensive record of all your transactions. It integrates with accounting systems and supports exports in CSV or PDF formats, simplifying tax preparation and substantiation.

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